What inspired you to write this book?

I enjoy creating something from nothing. The idea for the book had been in my mind for years, and events in my life and those of others I know brought the storyline together. I also enjoy mixing fact with fiction and pushing the boundaries of the possible. While there are no super heroes in the book, I’d like to think that readers see themselves in the roles of the various characters doing their best in extraordinary circumstances and making the best decisions they can. Some decisions, of course, don’t work out. That makes for a lot of fun writing the book.

Where did you get inspiration for your characters?

Tough question. The inspiration comes from the storyline itself and what characters are the best ‘fit’ for the overall arc of the story. And then the characters kind of take over and the story evolves based on how they interact with one another, their own back-stories, personal desires and fears and so on. The characters themselves are all around us in real life. None of the characters are copies of specific, real people but rather, they take on their identities as composites of different human behavior, personalities and traits. I have my own favorite characters in the book but I know readers who have different favorites. I think the characters are continually transformed in some way by the events that occur. And this keeps occurring into Book 2 of the series, which I’m currently writing.


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